On April 23, 2019, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Mamin, held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban.

The discussion covered issues of further development of trade and economic, investment cooperation, increasing the volume of bilateral trade. Prospects for deepening mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of traditional and alternative energy, the nuclear industry and science, the defense industry, aviation, agriculture, especially exports of Kazakhstan's environmentally friendly products, were considered.

In the opinion of the Heads of Government of the two countries, the current volume of bilateral trade shows that there is a great potential for cooperation.

“We consider Kazakhstan a country that achieves tremendous economic results. We are very pleased with our bilateral contacts, ” – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, expressing the hope that working together will allow us to increase the volume, expand the structure of cooperation and implement large-scale projects in the future. “Hungary is still very open in relation to Kazakhstan and is looking for opportunities for economic cooperation.”

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Mamin noted that the built trusting relations between Kazakhstan and Hungary create favorable conditions for the development of economic interaction.

“Hungary is an important trade and economic partner of Kazakhstan. We welcome the further expansion of cooperation between our countries,” – A. Mamin said, inviting Hungarian businessmen to take an active part in the implementation of investment projects in Kazakhstan and jointly look for new forms for developing relations.

The Heads of Government of Kazakhstan and Hungary confirmed their intention to increase mutual trade and investment cooperation between the two countries. The upcoming meeting of the Kazakh-Hungarian Strategic Council, which will be held on April 29 of this year in the city of Nur-Sultan with the participation of 100 Hungarian businessmen, will determine the new tools for further increasing the volume and expanding the structure of trade.


Published: 23 April 2019



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